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What Happened

By Hillary Clinton

In What Happened, Hillary Clinton tells stories like the one time she went out to lunch with four good friends, when the waitress came to take their order and noticed she was serving THE Hillary Clinton, she stammered and just had to know how the group knew each other but especially wanted to know how they knew HER. Hillary tells how the group proceeded around the table telling the waitress, in turn, how each had met Hillary and at least one INCREDIBLE thing Hillary had done for them. One friend told of the time that her son had fallen off his bike and scratched his face, Hillary was able to "pull some strings" and get an appointment with "Washington's best plastic surgeon" the very next morning for the boy and after a short procedure, thankfully, there was never any sign of a scar", and on and on...

Bad Blood

By John Carreyrou

I can't say why for sure but I have been obsessed with Theranos from day one. I have a vague feeling of a memory of hearing about their first "blood test patch" patent and product, thinking, huh, thats amazing. It was amazing because it was a lie, there never was such a thing as a "blood test patch" but that didn't stop Elizabeth Holmes from raising millions from rich family friends like Tim Draper and her families "Fleischmann Yeast" fortune to fund her new fake company when she was only 19 years old. This book is about, Elizabeth Holmes, who was (is) a psychopathic rich girl who (because of her family wealth and connections) was able to eliminate anyone around her who told her "no" and built a billion dollar company (Theranos) based on nothing but lies and her families' money. "Hate is like drinking poison and expecting it to harm your enemy," but still, I hate Elizabeth Holmes....


By George Orwell

Stop pretending like you know what this book is about and just read it.

The Snowball

By Alice Schroder

Model summarizing the mechanism that drives fish eye migration, weird!

AI Painting

All my new favorite painters are AI :(


My Painting

I love paiting but am horrible at it, some people have even said what I do, "doesn't count," which is fair. My technique is to blow up images I find online or create, print them out in large formate, then use carbon paper to copy the outline onto canvas where the rest is basically paint by number. It mighting not be art but I like it.