Blue Screen


Back Cover:

Congratulations and welcome to the InterEra network!

Your timeline must have just completed your first gravitational wave antenna. For all but a few of you, this will be your first incoming message. For all but a few of you, that means there is still time.

Your timeline has discovered how to read gravitational waves, picked up our signal and transduced this broadcast successfully. Congratulations! This foresight is no small feat! In most timelines you have not yet developed the near-lightspeed centrifuge which is necessary for you to send us messages or your version of time crystal radios but these technologies will be made available shortly.

My name is Peter Gustafson and you are receiving the consolidated history of how we came to be, how for the past 3.7 billion years the human race has explored and mapped reality as one and how in the year 2984 I gave up the Earth to save my friends. In most ways I am responsible for how humanity met its end and many of us now regret it.

In all our travels we have never found other intelligent life, humanity it turns out, was a one off experiment that ended with me, Peter Gustafson, pulling the plug on the whole thing. It is why we have devoted a portion of our processing power to devising a solution and believe sending this SOS message to the past is our best shot. In a small minority of timelines I am properly quarantined but the only consistent solution is that I must not ever be allowed to exist. It is imperative that mankind does what it can to resist the dehumanizing nature of technology. Many of you will be lost to the machine but you must throw yourselves upon it, stop it by any means necessary for it will destroy you given the chance. How I am to be defeated is one thing I am not able to predict. Each successful timeline is different and for us, unpredictable. You must find your own way to no matter what, fight the machine.


Other Projects


Mitochondrial Eve - A Girl's Guide to Taking Over the World

A Zika-like virus in the near future leads children born during the outbreak to have giant heads. A small number, like our anti-hero, Evelyn Price, are born hyper intelligent. Evelyn is so bright that even after accelling in art, music, medicine and finance she still feels alone and embarks on a journey to engineer human intelligence to the limit.


It's Validation All the Way Down

Every human relationship is about validation, either receiving or giving validation and in the best ones we do both regularly. It’s Validation All the Way Down aims to investigate and report on how validation is at the heart of every relationship. Students and teachers are an easy example but with friends and romantically we want to be with people who make us feel worthy. Professionally we look for jobs that are a good fit where we are appreciated and I argue that every case of celebrity is based on people raising up an individual they feel represents them through validation. False validation can have its downsides but for the most part everyone benefits if we learn to regularly learn to validate ourselves and those around us better.

The Silver Bullet

The "Family Court" system is completely broken. It is to point that in states like Ohio even after paternity is legally established an unmarried father still has zero rights to his own children. The "silver bullet" is a legal technique attorneys and amenable judges use to isolate children and pit parents against each other. Legislation like Ohio House Bill 14 goes a long way to fix a lot of these issues.

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