Hi, I'm Kyle


Kyle's Skills and Interests

Plant Science

I have a decade of experience in the plant sciences and for as long as I can remeber have been interested in agricultrue and the life sciences. My specialty is plant transforamtion and have worked in soybean, tomato, dandelion (as a model organism) and most recently, cannabis.

Data Science

The study and practice of statistics is both exhausting and exhilarating. Along with graduate studies and compleating an excellent program with the New York Data Science Academy I am constantly finding new applications and fields of interest within statistis.


Since 2012 I have believed strongly that a digital decentalized currency like Bitcoin would inevitably replace government currencies. Its been happening A LOT slower than I thought but working on projects like a "micro xmr-btc" exchange, daily use and promoting everywhere I can I keep doing what I can for the Peer-to-Peer digital cash project now known as Bitcoin Cash.


I love to write and read, both basically as much as I can. For me, words on the page have been my favorite form of communication since I learned to read. I like the quote from Michel de Montaigne, referring to authors of books hes read, "All my best friends are dead," and I would add, the people who like me the most probably haven't been born yet.

Kyle's Pictures

Quentin and Ellie

Nothing has or could bring me more joy than working on the farm with my kids. It would be the one thing I would want to do for the rest of my life if I could.

Pets, Fluffy in memoriam

Fluffy was and always will be the best pet we ever had. One time when his friend, "Night Sky/Snaggle Tooth" had escaped their cage and fell off the ledge Fluffy managed to climb down, then came upstaris to find me, got my attention and "brought me" down to find his friend hiding in the far corner of the room with a hurt leg. Fluffy was never over 2 pounds but she had the biggest personality in the world

Demeter Farm

In 2022 Quentin came up with the name, Demeter Farm because, as he had to explain to me, Demeter is the Greek god of agriculture and the harvest. For now we grown lavender, garlic and a few differnt berries.

Science Pics

Model summarizing the mechanism that drives fish eye migration, weird!

AI Painting

All my new favorite painters are AI :(


My Painting

I love paiting but am horrible at it, some people have even said what I do, "doesn't count," which is fair. My technique is to blow up images I find online or create, print them out in large formate, then use carbon paper to copy the outline onto canvas where the rest is basically paint by number. It mighting not be art but I like it.